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4 Healthy Things To Do After Unprotected Intimacy With Your Partner As A Woman

Do you know that there are certain things you should do after having Unprotected intercourse with your partner? There are certain medically approved activities that should be done, not just for the sake of doing but to keep you safe and healthy after such activity and also to reduce your chances of developing certain infections due to unprotected intimacy.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some healthy things you should do after unprotected intimacy with your partner. This article is for the women, so if you are a woman reading this article, sit tight and enjoy while learning something new.

Having unprotected Intercourse is one of the risky things that is often advised against due to the various things attached to it. As a woman, you can get pregnant after an unprotected intimacy whether or not you're on birth control pills, besides getting pregnant, you can also contract sexually transmitted diseases, so it's for these reasons that adults are advised to abstain from premarital intimacy and even if you must do so, ensure you do it with some protective measures in place. But the unfortunate part is that, sometimes these protective measures might fail leaving us with no hope but to worry. But not to worry, below are the few things you should do after having unprotected intimacy;

1. Visit The Bathroom; this should be the first thing you should do immediately after Intimacy without a condom or protection. If your condom also broke or busted during the intercourse, you don't have to worry, just rush to the bathroom and wash up, rinse out every lingering fluids from your private organ to prevent the possibility of contracting any urinary tract infection. The female body is very fragile and as such, there is need to cleanse immediately after having unprotected intercourse to prevent contracting UTIs.

2. Urinate Immediately; this is one of the immediate things you should do after having unprotected Intercourse. It can save you some problems like minor infections developing in the genitals but beware that it can stop pregnancy from happening. Immediately the semen gets into the private organ, fertilization process commences, so there is really nothing you can do to prevent that except taking birth control pills immediately.

3. Wash Up But Don't Douche; there is this age long myth that immediately after intimacy, a woman should wash the private organ thoroughly, but this is wrong and has no scientific backing. It is important to wash up your private organ after intimacy but don't douche, this is because douching might put you at a greater risk of contracting infections, like I stated earlier, the female reproductive system is fragile and as such, there is need to handle it with fragility to avoid hurting yourself. Certain douching products can cause irritation and inflammation of the private organ, so it's best to just wash up or shower with lukewarm water for best cleansing.

4. Watch Out For Any Symptoms; most sexually transmitted infections don't show symptoms immediately but there might be hints as to whether you have contracted an infection or not. Just observe your mouth for sudden unexplained sores, and also check out your genitals for unexplained itching, smelly discharge or even sudden fatigue or whatever within the next two weeks and if none shows, still go for test if you're unsure of your partner's status to know how best to tackle whatever diseases you may have contracted.

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Source: Healthline

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