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5 Reasons Why She Doesn’t Want To Date You

One thing I hear a lot is that women are quite impossible to read and there’s no exact formula used to actually understand them but on a more clearer note, women are not impossible to read. Guys often times find themselves entangled with a girl they feel something for and would want to be in a relationship with but the ladies may not be willing to agree on that. Here are some reasons why she doesn’t want to date you.

1- You come off as needy 

When you call or text a lady excessively, it might send a wrong message to her, it makes her feel that it’s either you have nothing doing with your time or you’re just being too desperate to have her. This can be a turn off to many ladies. 

2- You treat her like a child

It is quite inappropriate to treat someone you want to date as a child when you want to date her. Some guys might see it as trying to be superior but at some point it’s not necessary. You don’t randomly show up at her place and expect her to leave everything she’s doing and go out with you. It may seem quite unattractive.

3- You don’t respect her time

When you have a planned out date with a girl and you don’t show up on time or not even show up at all without any proper explanation, it’s a turn off for ladies and it shows you don’t have respect for her time because she could probably be doing something quite better at that moment.

4- You don’t listen when she talks

This is one major turn off for ladies. Ladies love to be heard when they talk no matter the situation. When a lady noticed how much you don’t listen to her when she talks, this can be unattractive for her and she could see you as someone who is uninterested about how she feels at that moment.

5- You don’t put in any effort 

If you ask someone out and you want to see her again, you have to put some work into it.This means that you’re showing genuine interest in her. When you show genuine interest in her life by asking her what she does for work or things she likes, she sees you as someone who is serious and it makes her feel wanted. 

If a woman isn’t interested, the worst thing you can do is insist. If you think she’s just turning you down to play hard to get, run for the hills.

Mature, genuine people won’t toy with your emotions.

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