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Opinion: 5 Wrong Information Passed To lady Concerning Their Boobs

If you are lady you will agree with me that before you hit puberty you have heard most of these wrong information, now you should just know some fact about boobs.

1. it will get Bigger if press by man; This is common notion among teenagers, but the bitter truth still remain that it will not grow bigger if press or touch. Most mother used that world to scare their child from immoral act. Their are many factors that results to enlargement of boobs for E.g some cases in pregnant mother's and breast feeding mother's.

2. It will sag if you did not wear Bra; infact Not wearing bra aid the boob to stand firm, Most times lady thought that wearing bra will not make their boob to fall that is not true, their are some factors that makes the boobs to fall like hormonal defect, and something exercise contributes to it.

3. It Grows when you started having Intercourse; this is a blunt lie, Your boob start growing at puberty, as a lady you can wear 7-8 different bra size in your life time.

4. Wearing bra can cause breast cancer; it doesn't cause any cancer,but putting money inside it is what can cause cancer.

5. It Stop Growing after puberty.

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