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Remember the bride who looked sad on her wedding day? See photos of her looking happy with her love

Love is a strong emotion or feeling that everyone has for each other inrespective of our Creed, clan, or tribe. when you start loving someone you always want to see that person and you like talking or discussing about the person. Most of us are not into relationship because we fear to love, some are happy in their marriage. There is an old saying that goes love conquers all and that is true as love had such powers. 

You must have remembered these photos of a bride who was seen not very happy on her wedding day right? Well, many Nigerians had said that she was forced by her parents into the marriage as she was sad on her wedding day,but it seems as though that wasn't the case.


Pictures of a gloomy bride had surfaced on social media platforms and eventually it make waves.But what most people were concerned about is was the fact that the bribe wife to be was very sad and unhappy during the wedding ceremony.But then later on,the bride was happy with the marriage as she put a smile on her husband's face on her honeymoon.She actually seemed more excited than the way she looked her wedding day.

Comparing the honeymoon pictures and the wedding day own,you would clearly notice that she was very happy than the day she got married to him. 

Check out beautiful pictures of the bride on her wedding day below;

Now see photos of the bride with her lovely husband below;

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