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Husband and wife relationship

10 Reasons You should Stop Disrespecting Your Husband

All men want a respected wife, and respect is one of the valuable things that will tell if a relationship will be successful or not. Men dislike women who are so disrespectful or don't respect their husband. It turns men off and likely drops the love they have for such a woman, be it their wife or girlfriend. 

Disrespecting your man in a marriage won't do you any good. Instead, it will harm and damage your marriage, as you can't imagine. 

10 Reasons You Should Stop Disrespecting Your Husband. 

1. When you disrespect your husband, you open more rooms of conflict. Quarrels and arguments will be a normal thing in your marriage or relationship. No man will be happy to stay with a disrespectful wife. 

2. Your husband's love might drop the more you keep disrespecting him, the more his love gets lesser for you. Love and disrespect can't work together from the same heart because it will make your husband start having a second thought. No man will be happy to stay with a disrespectful wife. 

3. The communication might drop because of the lack of joy and happiness in such a marriage. Disrespecting your husband will only bring more damage to your home. 

4. You open doors for unfaithfulness. This might make your husband start looking outside or chase other women because he lacks peace and respect in his own home 

5. It makes your home a living hell because when a wife always disrespects her husband, it will be difficult for such a family or home to have peace and understanding with each other. 

6. Disrespecting your husband will only kill his ego and confidence as a man. You ought to be supporting and motivating him, not looking down on him. 

7. You open the door and give him reasons or chances to also disrespect you because you don't respect him. 

8. Likewise, you kill the joy and happiness in your relationship or marriage, that togetherness won't be alive like how romantic couples do. 

9. Furthermore, you make him strong-hearted or create bitter seeds in his heart when you keep disrespecting him. His anger tends to keep increasing, and such things can damage any marriage or relationship. 

10. High chances you might turn him to a woman beater. A man that never hit his woman before will start such a negative attitude because you disrespect him all the time, even in public. 

As a woman, disrespecting your husband is not a good thing, and such a thing doesn't make you a good and responsible wife or mother. Learn to respect your husband because he is the head of the family. If you can't respect the man you are married to, then you shouldn't have gotten married to him in the first place. The word respect can go a very positive way in a relationship or marriage, so women always learn to respect their man, no matter the misunderstandings. 

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