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You need serious prayers if you have anti-marriage dreams -Olukoya

Dreams are God's way of showing you what is happening in your life at a specific time, it gives an account of what your life is, or will soon happen. 

Unfortunately, dreams can be influenced by the devil, many lives have been negatively restructured just by the virtue of the ability of satan to affect human night trance. 

In this article, I want to share with you 10 anti-marriage dreams you need to violently pray against or even seek deliverance from powerful men of God. 

What are anti-marriage dreams?

These are kinds of dreams that aim at stopping you from getting married or make your marriage difficult to manage. 

 They include: 

1. Eating in the dream

When you see yourself eating in the dream and you are single hoping to get married, it is an anti-marriage dream. 

2. Having sex in the dream.

3. Seeing yourself in the marketplace in the dream. 

4. Playing with unknown men and women. 

5. When you are being pursued in the dream. burns

6. When you dream that your wedding ring was stolen

7. When you dream that the church was empty on your wedding day. 

8. When you dream that your partner was removed or disappeared. 

9. When you dream that your shoes do disappear. 

10. Disappeared wedding rings or Bible.

11. Marriage with strange personalities (like your father). 

12. Being raped in the dream.

 13. Marriage with ex-boyfriend or girlfriend in the dream. 

14. Marriage with close relatives 

15. Seeing yourself being romanced in the dream. 

16. Seeing yourself pregnant in the dream. 

17. Marriage to a dead person in the dream. 

18. Men are contesting for you in the dream. 

19. Taking an examination not finishing it in the dream. 

These are all anti-marriage dreams that need an urgent check on, to stop their unfavorable effects in your life. 


Prayer: Every demonic-influenced dream that wants to stop me from getting married or make my marriage hard, the fire of the holy ghost burns them to ashes! 

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