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GUYS: things you do that makes girls lose interest in you

At the inception of a relationship the partners concerned are full of ecstasy and enjoy the company of one another. The guy being elated always wants to please his girlfriend. Relationship which is between two people people is meant to bring about closeness between the partners involved.

As a guy when you are in a relationship with a girl, such relationship needs to be sustained by constantly doing things that will help to build the bond between you two together, but it becomes a sad thing for a guy when his girlfriend begins to lose interest gradually in the relationship, the guy may ask himself some questions like where have I got it wrong? or where am I missing it?

These are possible reasons why your girl might lose interest in you.

1. When you cheat on her: this act can cause emotional pain on your girl, no one would love to be in a relationship with a cheat, especially when you are unrepentant and you love flirting around with other girls, this can cause your girlfriend to lose interest in you and give up on your relationship with her.

2. When you are not trustworthy: as a guy if you are not a man of your word and you love telling lies a lot, your girlfriend might lose interest in you, as a guy give your girl reasons to trust you, be honest to her and always be the man of your word.

3. When you have no plan on becoming successful in life: this is one attitude that may cause your girlfriend to quickly lose interest in you, many girls like to date a man that has the ambition of becoming successful in life and works towards achieving it. When you have no future ambition on becoming successful in life, she might lose interest in you, and find someone else who does.

4. When you have no source of income to cater for her: as a guy, before going into a relationship with any girl, you should have a job you are doing that earns you money, by not having a source of income it can cause your girlfriend to lose interest in you and give up on the relationship.

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