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Stop Saying 'I Don't Know' , It Sounds Local, Use These Words Instead To Sound Professional

There are some words which we use wrongly, most of these words we use in our everyday lives it might seem right, but it sounds local improve your communication skills and sound professional.

Now, we would be looking at the phrase 'I don't know' Many people use this word wrongly you don't need to say 'I don't know' when you have no idea of what you are being asked use these words instead.

1. "I'll find out."

If you are asked something you don't know maybe for instance someone asks you what time is It? You don't need to say you don't know just say 'I'll find out'.

2. "I have that same question."

When you are confused on a question being asked, don't say I don't know rather say 'I have that same question".

3. "My best guess is..."

Also if you are asked something you don't know maybe you have an idea of what the answer is you use 'My best guess is..... " then you say that your idea.

4. "Why don't we ask [name]?"

If you don't know anything about it just don't make the questionnaire feel bad just ask a third party.

What are your thoughts on this one?

Make sure you develop your communication skills.

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