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See Why I Threatened My Father I Would Join Cult In School

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Note: ''This photo here, is only for illustrative purpose''.

Here is my story:

In my 300 level, early first semester, I had lots of things to do with money. I needed to buy study manuals, textbooks, and even pay for my practical manuals and the likes.

Usually, I do not always call home for money so early; especially, after I have just been sent some money.

But, this time, I had already used up all cash on me, to get these required and numerous textbooks and manuals. So, literarily, I was very broke, and had no other option, than to call my mother.

I told her-

“Sweet Mummy, please your son, is in need. Right now, I’m equals to nothing. 

Even if it's just N5,000, please, do well to send; because, I’m dead broke”

To my greatest surprise, mum's reply, went thus -

“Don’t you have a Father? Call your father and tell him. I can’t die because I have you as a son. Since you entered that school, the only thing you call me for, is all about money! You have never called to greet me!!!

Please, leave my phone, and Call your father.

When are you even graduating? Because, this your school, is taking like, forever”.

So I reluctantly dropped the call; and then, I called my dad -

“Hello Daddy; how are you doing?

(This time, I was very careful with my request)

I just need N2,000; because, I'm seriously suffering here dad. your son is suffering here dad''.

The first thing he said, blew my mind.

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So, back to my dad's reply; he said -

“It is good to suffer. When I was in University of Ibadan, I also suffered. Suffering will make you concentrate.

(Oh God, I have a different kind of father on Earth.)

But I sent you money the other day.

That is why, I don’t like picking your calls.

Okay, just call your mom; she would definitely send you money”.

Those were the words of my dad; before, hanging up immediately.

I don't really like what is going on; but, this may not end well to me.

So, I thought of what to do, to persuade my Dad to send the money; and, an idea came up.

So, I quickly sent my dad a text message -

“You people don’t want to send the money right? Later you will say I shouldn’t follow friends in school. Right now, I will start following friends, both good and bad friends; and, I would join cult even.

After sending that text, I felt some kind of relief; thinking, he would get panicked, since he doesn’t wants me to hang around with bad boys.

Surprisingly, I got a reply; and I rushed out of the bathroom, out of excitement, thinking, he has sent a proper apology, with a promise to send some money.

What I saw broke my heart -

“Oga, i got the message you sent to your father. You already had in mind to follow bad boys and join cult, so don’t use this, as an opportunity to say this rubbish.(How do I tell this woman, it was just a joke?) She went on -

You are very shameless!

Upon all the word of God, you do listen to; upon all, we taught you in this house. Upon all the training, we gave you, look at what is coming out of your mouth!

You even have the guts, to tell your father this?

Okay, since you’ve decided to join cult, I and my husband, are no longer responsible for your schooling.

Go and meet the cult group, to pay your school fees”.

I called back, my parents didn’t pick up; neither, did they call back.

Days later, my mom sent me a text -

“You are on your own”.

This time around, it was obvious, it's now beyond my control; because, if it was my Dad, that said those words, I wouldn’t bother, because my Dad is very simple. But, my mom? Only God, can help me this time.

I had to come up with a very good plan this time. I didn’t attend lectures the next day in order to execute my plan.

At exactly 1:00pm, I sent a text to my my Dad, knowing fully that, he would be at work then.

“Good day sir,

I want to share a scripture, every parents should read and know about.

1 Timothy 5:8 - But if any provide not for his own, and especially, for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

Daddy, if you don’t send the money, you know I can twist the story, as a writer and post you on Facebook; and, even tag your pastor to it''.

Few minutes later, he replied -

“How much do you need?”

And, I told him, “any amount; but, as the Lord lays it, in your heart”.

Few minutes later...

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Oh yes! Few minutes later, I got an alert of N15,000.

I danced round my room all day.

However, in the evening, I got a message from my mom -

“You have the confidence to threaten your Father, because of the nonsense you do post on Facebook?

The devil's double, that quotes the bible''.

So, my dad actually fell for my harmless threat? 

But, actually, I didn't mean that threat. Maybe, I play too much.

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