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Unique Places Where Some Guys Propose To Their Girlfriends

In this world today, Marriage Proposal is a special moment in the life of a man and a woman, in which one of them took the courage to say he/she is ready to become husband or wife, and these proposals can be done in different locations.

Here are some unique places some guys around the world have used to propose to their girlfriends.


Proposing to a lady in the street are for those that have the mind, who don't care if their proposal is accepted or not. Guys proposing to their girlfriends in public are Supermen, as they show their feelings to their ladies in the midst of the crowd, to make her know that she is the only special thing that can come into his life and he wants everyone around to know that. Public proposals sometimes do not really work in Nigeria because there are some cases where the guys were embarrassed by the ladies they proposed to.


Proposal at the restaurant is just like that of the supermarket, the only difference is that the guy took the lady out on a date and used it as an opportunity to propose to her. Sometimes this kind of proposal is not new to ladies because most of the guys used the location to express their feelings to them. Any guy out there that is looking for a perfect place to propose should try using a restaurant, am sure it will work out.


This is a beautiful place to propose to a lady but it's not really common in some countries and it's a place a girl least expects a guy will kneel before her and ask for her hand in marriage or a point he used to make her the woman of his life. Most of all the proposals at the beach were successful and superb because it makes the lady feel like a queen.


This is another mind-blowing location a guy use to propose to his girlfriend. It can happen at any shopping store. It's a surprise package to a lady shopping, not knowing her boyfriend will come around to use the opportunity to propose to her. This proposal always puts smiles on other customers' faces who witnessed the surprise package from the boyfriend. It's a kind of proposal that makes the lady speechless because she wasn't expecting it in such a place. 50% of Nigerian guys have done this kind of proposal where some were successful and some failed.


This kind of proposal at the hospital is one of the best, as it expresses someone's love or cares to his/her partner who might be ill. Guys proposing in the hospitals sometimes is jaw-dropping because amidst all the illness his partner is going through, he still came to show and tell her that he is always there for her. This proposal at some point is always accompanied by cheers and singing as people around also show their appreciation towards the guy who proposed to his girlfriend at the hospital. Men that can do this must be honored because, it takes courage, honesty, and genuine love to do that because they came to express their gratitude to their ladies who are in between life and death.


This is a unique place where some guys propose. It shows how a guy feels at that moment because he used the advantage of the location to tell his girlfriend that he will be with her wherever she goes as they are about to depart from a particular country or location. I really love this place for a proposal to a lady because I know she will accept and she can't decide to travel alone.


This is also another perfect spot to propose to a lady but before I continue, don't try this in Nigeria because not all ladies like that approach. Office proposal is a great way some guys express themselves to their girlfriends as they pay her a surprise visit at her workplace making her feel special for the rest of the day. It's not really easy doing it, but it worth it if the girl is truly special to the guy.

Do you know that some ladies do propose?, It was hard for me to believe not until I saw some pictures that made me speechless.

Ladies proposing sometimes makes people around think if it's possible because its a thing that doest really happen or exit. Well to me, I will say that its a way a girl shows her feelings and appreciation to the love of her life. Sometimes this kind of proposal makes the guy shed tears of joy as he can not believe his eyes that it's really happening. I hope to see more of this in Nigeria where ladies will propose to their boyfriends.

There are still many places that are yet to be mentioned, but with these few ones I have talked about, ladies should appreciate guys for the special and romantic ways they approach them. It's not easy to find a perfect location for a special lady because most guys have to do some research on the perfect place that will make a lady never forget in her life. Nigerian guys are also trying and they are the best, let me be honest, despite some proposals which weren't successful, they still never give up to try again.

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