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Fiction: My Boyfriend almost killed me today because of what he found in his pot of stew.

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My boyfriend and I love each other very much, I love him because of his money and he loves me because I can cook for Africa. So he gave me 10,000 naira today to buy ingredients and cook a very delicious and nice stew for him.

On getting to the market I purchased every thing, except meat for the stew because I didn't know what he would like either chicken, Pomo, cow meat ,goat meat etc. So i went home to meet him because I tried calling him but he wasn't picking up. I met him sleeping on getting home, so I woke him up saying "sweet heart you can sleep for Africa, lol, I have been calling you since you have not been picking up " ,he said am sorry my dear, so what was the problem that made you call me, I then said I don't know the kind of meat you will like for you stew, because it is the first time am preparing stew for you. We both laughed hard and he told me any kind of meat you give i will eat, because I know you won't want to harm me. Awnnnnn, i am going to prepare the sweetest stew you have ever tested today we laughed about it and we kissed. I went out and got chicken and pomo.

An hour later I finished with the preparation of the stew and, I left the pot open for the stew to cool down a little bit, then I went to shower because I was sweating. Before I could remove my clothes, my boyfriend shouted my name I ran out saying, honey Wats the problem ,he said what is the meaning of this "showing me cockroach in the stew" I said honey I don't know I left the pot open for it to cool down while I went to take my shower. He started saying, I trusted you but I didn't know you wanted to kill me, you want to kill me with cockroach. Before I knew what was happening he started beating me up. please friends he almost killed me because he saw cockroach in the pot of stew, please what should I do about this situation, what are your thoughts on this article.

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