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Opinion: Ten attitudes that make you look charming

There are so many attributes that one can portrait, in order to look attractive and charming to your crush. For one to always look charming, Here are ten things that you must do ;

1. Talking less – Talking quite simple and less makes you look confident. In order to look charming, you need to be confident.

2. Talking Calmly – Talking calmly makes you look responsible. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to explain much, when you talk calmly.

3. Maintaining a good eye contact while Speaking – This is very important while speaking with your crush, make sure you maintain a direct eye contact with her. It’s sending a message to her about you.

4. Always be respectful towards strangers, colleagues and subordinates.

5. Keeping a faint smile throughout a conversation

6. In your gait and posture, always exude confidence.

7. Always Learn to admit your flaws and mistakes with Humility and confidence when you notice them.

8. Do not be too excited or affected by the presence of an opposite sex or your crush.

9. Whatever others consider right, try doing them but do not care too much about other’s opinion.

10. Learn not to complain too much about life. Live happily and enjoy every moment of your life.

When you look charming then you attracts your crush, it’s very simple and logical. What do you think?

Content created and supplied by: DappyBoi (via Opera News )


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