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As A Guy, Here Are 3 Things You Should Not Do If You Are Dating A Girl

Dating a girl is like a different education itself. When you are dating a girl, there are somethings you should not do no matter the expenses you are spending on her.

The girl you are dating still have her own right to do things in her own ways. The fact that you are dating her and at same time taking care of her does not mean you should enslave her.

A lot of guys, the moment they are taking care of the girl they are dating, they want her to see them as a god which is not supposed to be so. If you can not take care of her without enslaving her then don't ask her out for a date.

Here are things you should not do if you're dating her;

Don't give her rules and regulations

It's very unpleasant to give laws to the girl you are dating when you have not get married to her. The girl you're dating is under your custody but don't give her rules and regulations. Don't make her your student by giving her laws because she still have her right.

Don't Fight Her

This sad habit is very common among many guys. Fighting a girl you're dating is very wrong. This act of fighting her when you both haven't become couple will only complicate things. Don't beat her up even if she offend you.

Don't Doubt Her

one thing that works out a relationship is trust. The lady you are dating now needs you to trust her. Don't doubt her in any way. Though it's said that "trust no one", but your girl still need you to trust her in all ways. Your best friend is your girlfriend, the best person you can confide with is your girlfriend. The more time you both spend together the more you get to know yourselves better.

Remember that she's not your daughter but someone's child. Treat her well because she deserves it.

Content created and supplied by: OchukoArigi (via Opera News )

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