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Husband and wife relationship

Ways man make his wife feel ugly without saying a word

  Here are some reactions a man make that shows he didn't respect his wife at all:

1.He has no picture of his wife: it's so bad for when a man doesn't have his wife photograph maybe has a passport or in a camera, it shows she's not proud to have her when he's not with her picture.

2.He never gives her a gift: it may be a birthday gift or love cards just to appreciate his wife or thank her for all she has been doing but when a man doesn't give out a gift to his wife it means she's not been appreciated by him.

3.When he speaks more favorable on other women than his wife: saying good things about other wife and neglecting your wife is so bad and it's not encouraging at all when a man speaks more about his mother than his wife it means something is fishy.

4.He constantly presses his phone: when a man presses his phone, or looks at it, or doesn't pick calls in front of her wife, it means the wife should be suspicious, and the man is likely to be cheating on her.

5.He can't just cuddle: when a man doesn't move closer to his wife or he neglected her for a long time, he can't embrace her it simply means the woman is awful.

6.He doesn't mind when other men give attention to their wives: he doesn't mind when his wife is not close to her or he didn't move closer to his wife may be in a meeting or a party when he neglects her it means the wife is ugly and he's not can't boast to have her.

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