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Husband and wife relationship

Three Dimensions of Intimacy Married Couple Should Know.

Intimacy in this context can be seen as closeness between a man and a woman who are personally related. It is the closeness that must exist between a husband and his wife.

You may have noticed that, after some years of marriage, husband and wife may start looking like each other. If you see the two of them, you may not need someone to tell you that they are husband and wife. In the same way, a couple should be intimately related and have closer interests.

Husband and wife should share equal or close intimacy in the three areas I will be sharing in this article. This is because it will help them to stay together, have a better understanding of each other, and be able to relate perfectly well with themselves. This will therefore minimize the level of crisis or misunderstanding between them.

Below are three dimensions of intimacy married couple should know.

1. Spiritual Intimacy. This is being close in terms of getting religious information. It will be good that the two you do not only belong to the same faith but that you attend the same denomination. When you marry someone in the same faith as you, you must make effort to keep attending the same church so that you will have equal information. This will help you become more close in your spiritual life. You will believe the same way, view spiritual things the same way. For instance, some churches believe in paying tithes and others do not. Some believed in sowing seeds of money while others didn't believe it. Now, if you and your spouse are attending different churches with these different beliefs, you may always have misunderstandings. Because when you talk of paying tithes or sowing seeds, your spouse may not agree with you. So spiritual intimacy (closeness) is important in your relationship.

2. Mental Intimacy. This is having similarity in the way you reason. You should upgrade yourself to the level of your partner in terms of knowledge. It will help the two of you flow together and have an interesting discussion. Your academy qualification may not be the same but you can educate yourself to meet up with your spouse. If your husband likes football matches, pick interest and have some knowledge of football. If your wife can browse the internet, don't say you don't have interest. When you have a common way of reasoning, your spouse will seek your advice when there is a challenge and you will be able to advise him/her very well. You will flow together in communication.

S_xual Intimacy. Finally, you and your husband should be intimate in this area. Don't let your husband/wife know more than you. Learn new styles and know-how to satisfy each other. The Message Bible says in 1Corinthians 7:3 (MSG) “The marriage bed must be a place of mutuality--the husband seeking to satisfy his wife, the wife seeking to satisfy her husband.”

"Seeking" in the Bible passage above means that you don't know it all. So you have to keep seeking/searching for how to satisfy each other.

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