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4 Benefits Of Making Love To Your Wife During Her Monthly Period

Amidst the many hearsays and assumptions you may have come across in one way or the other about couples participation in the act of lovemaking when the wife is in her menstrual period, it will interest you to know that, intimacy had when a woman is seeing her "period" does not only provide some emotional satisfaction, it also give some medical benefits.

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According to a report on the subject matter of "if it is safe to make love when a lady is in her period or not" as verified by certified medical experts, aside the fact that it may be a bit "messy" for some people (besides, the taste of the pudding is in the eating), there is nothing couples (most especially the lady) should worry about when it comes to making out during a lady's menstrual flow, because it has some underlying benefits.

Among others, below are some benefits of making love when a woman is seeing her monthly period:

1. It gives relief from menstrual cramps. As a lady, if you are the type that experience cramps during your "flow", making love with your husband can help reduce the pain. The overall satisfaction derived from intimacy is said to contain a chemical called endorphins which has the ability of making you feel good and relaxed.

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2. Lovemaking during menstruation can also reduce the number of days a lady's period can last. According to available information, the coming together of the muscles when a lady reach the point of climax during lovemaking can push out the uterine contents faster, which can in turn aid short-term period.

3. It can also lead to increase in some women's libido. Even though it varies from one lady to another, it is capable of enhancing the lovemaking drive of some ladies, most especially those that feel turned on when they are seeing their periods.

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4. Furthermore, the report also revealed that, women who have history of having migraine headache during their periods experience partial or full relief from their migraine headache when they make love with their partners.

Important information for men.

Unlike when your wife is not seeing her period that you can make love to her without protection, making out with her during her monthly "flow" require the use of protection for some reasons. First, to guard the both of you from the chance of transmitting infection from one person to another, because STIs live in menstrual blood, and also to prevent the occurrence of unwanted pregnancy. Yes, some ladies can possibly be pregnant when they make love during their periods.

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