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When My Wife Is Pregnant, Loneliness Becomes Her First Love


When they say marriage is not a bed of roses, we the new couples tell them, its a lie. Our parents tell us,it takes patience and wisdom to understand a woman when she is pregnant,we tell them but we've being friends all this while before we got married.

They say to us,marriage is not "boyfriend and girlfriend",we tell them "old men" of the 20th century, but little did we know it will begin so soon.

When she is pregnant every fruit hawker in the estate becomes her friend.

When she is pregnant,eating sandy sand becomes a routine. Spitting is the other of the day, Walk becomes a problem.

When she is pregnant,any little thing upsets her. She feels that,this is the right time to get back at you for all the wrongs you have done to her.

When she is pregnant sleep will go off your eyes because you will be her "fan" in the absence of the electric fan.

When she is pregnant,picking offense at a little mistake is the order of the day. When she is pregnant,nine months will look like nine years to you.

When she is pregnant,you will know how hard, it is to cook. when she is pregnant taste gland in her tongue disappears and you will loose the importance of salt in your food.

When she is pregnant she is likely to go into series of dreams per night because she will always tell you every of those "useless dreams" that will never come to pass.

When she is pregnant,you choose your words carefully because any wrong word(s) can burn the house down with her silence.

When she is pregnant,loneliness is her first love cause she will be uncomfortable talking to you for just no reason.

Each time she delivers I forgot all those months of sleepless nights,all those months of nagging,all those months of dream telling,they goes off in a twinkle of an eye. She is back to her right senses because all those while it was the left senses that was in operation.

When she puts to bed our former love life is rekindled and I see myself loving her again like never before. Marriage is always back and forth,it takes understanding to appreciate a pregnant woman especially if a troublesome type.

What men go through....

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