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Husband and wife relationship

Eight (8) Signs of a good and a supportive husband [view]


A good husband must be ready to be a good partner, ready to assist at all time. He never ascribe certain duties to his wife or believing certain duties house chores or responsibility is meant to be for the wife alone.


A supportive husband understands his wife and can tell when his wife needs time alone, needs his help or assistance without being told.

Vision driven

A supportive husband understands his wife's visions and helps in actualising this visions. He believes in his wife and believes in her visions, life apirations and supports her steps in actualising her visions.

Respects parents

A supportive partner will be willing to support your parents. In situations where he has a different opinion from that of your parents, he makes this known to you in private and not in public. This you could tell from his attitude towards his own parents, a guy that doesn't have regards or respect for his own parents shows no sign of being respectful to his wife's parents.


A supportive partner is always sensitive to his wife and situations around including her needs, physically, sexually or emotionally. This should similarly extend to the children. He good husband will be sensitive about and towards his children.

Collective  parenting

A good husband believes in collective parenting. He sees parenting a child as the responsibility of both the father and mother. He believes that parenting choices should be made together.

Career supporter

A supportive husband supports his wife's career and sees his wife's career as equally important as his own. He never despises his wife's career, he is always willing to support his wife as she climbs her career ladder.

Family priority

A good husband priorities his immediate family, i.e his wife and his children. His family's well being is always his top most concern.

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