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3 Types of Toxic Friends You Should Avoid For A Happier life

In this life, you have to choose your friends wisely. Not everyone that comes around you and is nice to you is good enough to become your friend. Some friends become very close like family while some only backstab you and leave you hurt.

Friends are meant to make life happier but some people who call themselves friends are only around to make life more difficult and traumatic for you.

If you have no idea whether the friends you have are good or bad, then you have come to the right place, check out these 3 types of toxic friends that you should stay away from:

1. The competitive type:

It's only natural to have a friendly competition with a friend however when the competition becomes intense and all that matters to your so-called friend is always wanting to beat you at any competition even the playful ones, then it is high time you stay away from such a friend. That kind of friend can do anything against you just to beat and surpass you.

2. The promise breakers:

A friend who rarely keeps their promise but wants you to do heaven and earth for them is another kind of toxic friend you should avoid. For example, you need money and after calling your friend, she promised to send you some money in twenty minutes, but even after an hour, she still hasn't sent anything and eventually, she never sends anything. But when it comes to her needs, not responding to her will become a big problem. Such a friend does not care about your needs and will leave you whenever she feels inconvenient.

3. The critics:

When you have a friend who is always criticizing everything do, it's like you can't seem to do anything right when your friend is around. Criticizing from the way you dress to the way you talk and you always have to be on the defensive side, it's time to put such a friend away and retain your happiness and peace of mind.


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