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Opinion: Avoid These Types Of Women By Every Means If You Want To Succeed In Life

Good day highly esteemed opera hub lovers and committed readers, I hope you're having a good time, read this article and avoid mistakes.

Women are wonderful creatures just as men are but we can become toxic to each other when we don't fit rightly into the puzzle. You can avoid a woman today and pay her attention in a few years, this is because the circumstance around which you meet a woman matters a lot in your relationship with her, I personally don't like meeting ladies at clubs, restaurants, shopping malls and banks among other places, I have my own bizarre reasons and I know you too have your rules and reasons behind them too.

A brief story about a girl I met in a bank, we got along well, exchanged contacts and parted, went on a couple of dates afterwards and I later discovered that she was always asking for monetary assistance from me, also I found out that she saved my number as "Sinzu Money", the funny part is that the day we met at the bank I went to withdraw a huge amount of money for my boss, maybe that was why she acted that way, I really don't know.

Now back to the matter at hand, I'll tell you just 2 types of women you should avoid in your life, if you want to remain successful.

A Woman Who Loves You Too Much.

Most men like a relationship where the love is 50/50 or 60/40 (man/lady), some even say 70/30 is the best, do you think you can keep up with a woman who loves you much more than you love her? No you can't. At the beginning you'll enjoy such a relationship but later on you will wish you never met your lover, "too much of everything is bad" this saying speaks volume in this situation, if you think it's a joke ask a lady about it and hear what she will say, I bet you will hear the exact same things you just read, I'm positive that you might have even had such experience before or maybe not, but remember, avoid a woman that is so much into you and loves you too much, the relationship will grow too toxic for you.

When such women lose trust in you or suspects that you're hiding something, they go to the ends of the earth to find out what you're hiding, also a relationship like this always doesn't end well because, after the break up you're always the bad person in that woman's eyes, she grows to hate you, and when she finally moves on, she becomes stone cold, she'll take her revenge if not with you, then with other men she meets.

A Damsel In Distress.

The name even sounds enticing, this is to show how dangerous they can be. A damsel in distress is not an evil woman, rather a damsel in distress is a woman that is in need of help. Be a good Samaritan brother, help her, but don't hope for any sparkle to light up any flame, if you do then I guess the flame will burn you down, I know you know what I mean.

Women in need of help when you meet them are innocently dangerous, not like they want to be dangerous but they can't help it, they have sincere problems to be solved but you just fall easily for them after you help them get rid of their problems, some men have been put into unwanted marriages by such women, they don't intend yo hurt you but you subconsciously give them avenues to hurt you, in fact you even derive pleasure from it. A woman who is a damsel in distress today can be a super woman in 2 weeks, so know when and who to approach.

There are just two categories of women in the write up, feel free to add to them in the comment section.


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