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How To Politely Warn A Guy That You're Already In A Relationship

When a lady is already in a serious relationship, some guys will be disturbing her to have an affair with her.

However, some decent ladies would not like to cheat on their men. They will need to chase away other guys who are bothering them.

If some of these guys flirt with you on social media or in real life, and you would like to politely chase them away, these are the things you can do.

Use Your Phone

You can just bring out your phone and tell the guy who is disturbing you that you are expecting a message from your boyfriend.

This will send a direct warning to him that you are already in a serious relationship and wouldn't like to double date.

You can say it politely that you will need to send a message to your boyfriend since you've been waiting to hear from him.

You can just tell him to excuse you that you need to call your boyfriend.

Talk About Your Boyfriend

Whenever you have a conversation with the guy who has been disturbing you, just bring up a topic about your boyfriend.

You can say your boyfriend is planning to take you out to dinner or to watch a movie in the evening.

You can say this politely without hurting their feelings.

Try And Introduce Your Boyfriend

You can take it a little further by introducing your boyfriend to the guy. This will make him understand that you are in a serious relationship.

Your boyfriend will also respect you for being faithful to him.

Use A Friend 

You can send one of your friends to help you tell the guy that you are already taken and would not want to cheat on him.

The guy will understand that you are already in a serious relationship.

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