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How to manage your University relationship with good grades 1

Alot of things have been said about dating and being in any sort of relationship in the university and most times it all ends at negativity. University students especially the ones in the 100 and 200 level in the university are faced with problems of older ones talking about the distractions that comes with dating or being married while at the university.

Today I'm going to teach us how to deal with such problems using experiences from people around me.

Undoubtedly, even lecturers at some point talk about the need for full concentration in the university and one distraction they hammer on is boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. They are right on one hand and on another hand they might just be wrong.

Firstly let me start by telling you that times have changed and in as much as we encourage total concentration in the university, we can't keep treating the ones in a relationship as bad eggs.

Below are some guidelines towards making good grades:

1. Who are you dating: Consciousness on who you're dating is a very important thing. Who you follow determines what follows you. If you find yourself dating someone who has absolutely no concern about grades you might find yourself lacking concern about grades too. My Friend started dating in second semester first year and she found herself with someone who always asked after her results. It became part of her to make grades to impress the guy and keep him happy. Same thing applies to everyone. Don't make yourself vulnerable to someone who's first priority is not to graduate excellently.

2. Be time conscious: This is a very important aspect in whatever relationship one ventures into. You cannot be having classes 3 times on Monday morning and on Sunday you're sleeping at his house and getting distracted. You must portion your time properly. You cannot be leaving for 12:00 lectures from his house by 10 or 11. You're already late for lecture and you cannot concentrate on class because you'll still have whatever memories of what just happened between you two.

3. Be goal oriented: You mustn't give in to whatever request he makes concerning what he wants or when he wants to see you. You have your own life first so you shouldn't let him begin to dictate how you live. If it's a relationship you're sure about, you must make it clear that you're in the university first to learn and graduate well and that the future for the both of you starts now with whatever you're able to make as result. If you make him understand that you do not want him to be any form of distraction to you, he won't be.

From the picture above you can notice that the last us trying to concentrate while the guy is busy with his phone.

4. Concentrate: One thing you need to know is that if you do not have a strong study habit, you'll become even poorer at it when you start dating. And so to avoid that, establish a study habit and pattern and try to clear your mind off everything that has to do with him when you want to study. Don't forget to pray and ask for the grace to concentrate.

5. Engage him: By this I don't mean get ready to marry, I mean engaging him in your academic work. Give you some of your assignments and keep him busy enough with them. Talk to him alot about how you want your result to look like, about how you want to finish your assignment and help others, about how strict your lecturers are and how much of a serious student you want to be.

Note: This post is not a source of encouragement to go ahead and into a relationship but it is simply a guide for people who may be part of one already. With these practices you would pull through.

We would get to talk more on the second episode of this teaching.

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