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If You See Yourself DANCING In A Dream, Here Is What It Means

Enjoying dancing

A dream in which you find yourself amidst a joyful dance, reveling in every gesture and moment of the process, is usually considered to be an exceptionally favorable sign. It foretells upcoming relief and signifies that all of your worries and troubles could subside in the near future. As an alternative, such a dream could be a symbol of upcoming success, romantic or otherwise, with representatives of the opposite sex. If so, it is recommended to progress gradually and without any haste, so as to avoid losing their interest and sympathy. A calm and steady approach would most likely bring you the desired victories in the long run.

Wanting to dance

Dreaming of yourself experiencing a burning desire to partake in a dance is to be treated as a symbol of your suppressed sexual craving and hidden lustful impulses. Perhaps, you could be subconsciously perceiving this sensual part of yourself, as well as your sex life in general, as something utterly secondary to other aspects of your life, thus overlooking its importance for any human being. As a result, recent downfalls and trials could be based on this lack of intimacy you may be dealing with.

Watching someone dance

A dream in which you see yourself observing a particular someone in the process of dancing, especially if in a graceful and alluring fashion, is a symbol of your inner desire to explore exotic aspects and forbidden territories of sexual intercourse. For example, you may be subconsciously thinking through the possibility of taking part in sexual activities that are traditionally considered to be improper or objectionable. As an alternative, such a dream could signify your interest to partake in a homosexual relationship, whether it would involve an actual intercourse or not.

Dancing in front of a lover

A dream in which you envision yourself dancing before your spouse or partner in love may speak of certain unease and even embarrassment that you may experience when having him or her by your side in public. Such feelings could be either the result of your partner's recent actions and usual behavior or your own inner dissatisfaction with them in general. Additionally, the described dream could signify that you are quite relaxed and comfortable when interacting with other people of the same sex as your lover, up to the point when such an attitude could lead to unfavorable consequences. For example, you may draw pleasure in flirting with somebody else just before the eyes of your current partner in love.

Dancing to wrong beats

Dreaming of yourself amid a clumsy and chaotic dance, with your moves failing to match the playing tune, could be a sign of your inner doubts, concerns and unresolved questions regarding an important aspect of your waking life. The same interpretation goes for a dream in which you see yourself dancing without any accompaniment. Another common meaning of such a dream is that you could be harboring second thoughts about a current relationship with someone in your life. For example, it could be a deteriorating romantic connection, a friendship headed the wrong way or a partnership at work that is not bringing you the expected results.

Dancing alone

As Friedrich Nietzsche once said, *I could only believe in a God who could dance.* And who are you, if not the God of your own dreamscape? That said, a dream in which you envision yourself dancing in absolute solitude foretells good fortune and exceptional success in the future. Moreover, these upcoming victories and achievements would not require you to rely on the aid of your surroundings, nor force you to seek any external help in seizing them. Another important detail is the location in which you have envisioned yourself dancing, as its size and space are proportional to the magnitude of your upcoming success.

Dancing vigorously

A dream in which you witness yourself dancing in a robust and overly energetic fashion is a sign of possible health issues in the upcoming future, likely related to your mobility in waking life. For example, such conditions could be traumas, joint pains, accidental sprains and even broken bones that would significantly restrict your freedom of movement. Alternatively, such a dream could be foretelling excessively busy days coming your way. This period would be the result of unfavorable events developing from your recent unattentiveness and failure to take care of something important taking place in the present.

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