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Ladies, Here Are 11 Signs You Are Attractive (Even If You Don't Think So)

There is a huge difference between being attractive, than being beautiful. Are you nice to everyone regardless of their status?Are you pleasant to be around? Do you smile and when you smile, is it real or just because you have to?

I know many attractive women..and they’re usually quite nice. I also know many beautiful women, some of whom guys may not give a second glance. Those same beautiful women when you know them by more than a mere glance, are the most sought after. Attractiveness has an appealing face. Real beauty has a smile, a laugh, and a genuineness about her that mere attractiveness doesn’t always have. People choose to be around the smiling, caring, down to earth people that make THEM feel good being together. If you only want people to think your face is pretty, then that’s attractive. If you want to be VERY attractive, then that has to encompass the whole you….far more than just your face.

There are some signs which makes you attractive to men, even if you don't think so.

What are those signs? They include;

1. You know you’re very attractive when:

2. People stop you in the streets constantly to tell you you’re attractive.

3. Most men can’t look at you directly, even the really attractive ones.

4. However, women constantly stare at you with deceptively smiley envy-green eyes, as if wishing you slipped on a banana peel and fall.

5. People are always nice to your face and rude behind your back.

6. People constantly ask you for beauty and fashion advice, even if you have no interest in such things and know nothing about clothes, makeup, etc.

7. Your looks will always come up, whether it’s at a job or at a grocery store or when someone’s mad at you and says you’re just a pretty face.

8. You can get away with a lot of mistakes and have many extra opportunities in life, whether it be jobs, proposals from wealthy men, people buying you elaborate gifts, meals, holidays, etc.

9. People oftentimes compare you to celebrities and ask if you’re a model.

10. You feel a lot of pressure from society, as if they expect you to be superhuman and don’t understand that you have flaws and are just like them in every way except how you look.

11. You’ll have many men chasing and downright harassing you for a chance to date you.

These are some common signs that shows you are attractive. Ladies, have you experienced one or two of these signs before?

Let us hear from you in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!!

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