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Dear Men, Here Are Ten Things To Do To Win A Woman's Heart

Most men find it difficult to win a woman and that has been a major problem for them to find a partner. Here's the solution, these ten steps will help you get a woman only if you can try them out. Here are the ten steps;

1. Be Pursuant: pursue her without pressure, have a good conversation and show her you're interested beyond her appearance.

2. Be a gentleman: treat her like a princess, always open doors for her especially the door of cars and allow her sit first always.

3. Be complimentary: learn to tell her she's beautiful with or without makeup. Compliment her dresses.

4. Be creative: always think outside the box, don't always do things that is popular. Come up with new ideas and sweep her off her feet.

5. Be Intentional: most girls love parties, always invite her to parties and invents. Send her text messages often to encourage and Inspire her.

6. Speak well of her infront of other people: no one wants to be spoken ill of especially in public, always say good of her in front of others you can caution her privately.

7. Be attentive: always pay attention to her, and listen to her. Show her you care for her and her needs.

8. Be protective: try to always go out with her. If you're at the club, and she wants to go to the restroom, tell her u want to go with her, take her there and wait outside.

9. Be a good listener: do not do the talking alone, learn to also hear her share the ideas she has.

10. Be romantic: picture your love story, have a plan of what you want it to look like and give her good memories.

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