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4 Questions You Shouldn't Ask Your Partner In Your Relationship

Do you know that there are some questions you should not ask your man as a lady? If only you want to avoid arguments, jealousy, or even problems, it's is a good idea to keep your questions to yourself in certain situations. So, to avoid making a major mistake, remember that there are questions you should not ask your man.

In this article, we will be revealing to you certain questions you should not ask your man.

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1) Do you find my friends attractive?

As a lady, you should not ask your man if he is attracted to your friends. Even if he is attracted to them he might say no to you just for him to be on a safer side.

2) Have you noticed how lovely she is?

If you are taking a walk, then you and your partner happen to pass by a woman you both know and notice that your man keeps staring at her, you should not ask him this question. If he says no, you'll be enraged because you disagree with him, and if he says yes, you'll scream in anguish.

3) Did you ever sleep with your ex?

You should not ask your man this question. His ex-relationship has become history. When it comes to your relationship, don't think or focus on what happened with his ex in the past. Just focus on how to build your relationship with him.

4) Are you even better than my ex?

Comparing your ex-boyfriend with your partner is very wrong, regardless of how wealthy or poor he is, it shows you are still having your ex in mind. Do you want him to also compare you with his ex? I'm sure you'll find it repulsive. So, to avoid trouble, avoid making this blunder

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