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Divorce Affair

10 Common Reasons Why Couples Divorce

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Marriage is not just a word or thought of being together FOREVER. It takes years and years of understanding, love, trust and respect for each other to live. A counselor friend of mine says that 100% of marriages hit the wall at some point. I find that hard to believe but he's been counseling for a long time and he insists its true. So, if every marriage hits a wall and approximately 50% last then divorce isn't inevitable. That doesn't mean marriage isn't hard.

I think the main reason divorces happen is because people get married for themselves. Selfishness kills marriages. If two people get married with a commitment to love the other then a life long marriage is completely realistic, but it means loving through the tough times. It means loving when you don't "feel" like it. So, why do couples divorce?

People usually fail to protect their marriage and end of divorcing because;

1. They loose their respect for their partner eventually.

2.Lack of patiences to make things work out.

3. Lack of Understanding each other, even in worst times.

4. Lack of Understanding the essence of love and not just their physical touch.

5. Money mismanagement (or the inability to mange money).

6. Immaturity (one partner grows up or becomes responsible and the other doesn’t).

7. Incompatible goals (something that happens if you don’t take the time to discuss your life path, family planning, etc BEFORE you get married).

8. Outside interference (such as a clingy or demanding extended family that takes one spouse’s focus away from his/her own family).

9. Addiction (alcoholism, dr*gs, religion - anything can be an addiction. And an addiction takes a huge toll on the family because, it takes over the addict and blinds him/her to everything that’s important).

10. Lack of patience

With growing independence, patience is downgraded in a relationship because both parties know their survival mode pretty well. Therefore, intolerance leads to bigger mess ahead.

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