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Age 18 -25, Two Very Important Lesson To Learn From Tolulope Arotile’s Death!

The death of the first female Combat helicopter pilot, Tolulope Arotile came as a shock to many and my heartfelt condolences go to her family and friends.

Tolulope died at 24, a very young age but fulfilled. She lived her life on her terms and ensured she fulfilled her childhood dreams of becoming a pilot.

She achieved a feat no Nigerian woman had at just 24 and became a role model to many young females aspiring to be in her field of work.

On social media, a lot of praises and her works have been flying around and as for me as the young lady as a hero who took her life into her hands and went for what she wanted in such a risky profession.

Her works speak for her and she would always be remembered for all her achievements at such a young age.

However, there are few lessons I would love young adults to take from this and it would impact a lot if they take heed.

1.   Never Procrastinate: you might be wondering what is the relevance of this word? It is relevant. If Tolulope Arotile is like most of the youths of today who love procrastinating rather than taking a bold step in pursuing their dreams, she would have died unfulfilled. Nothing hurts than dying before fulfilling your dreams.

When I was 24, I didn’t think I was ready to pursue my dreams, a lot of young people are in this circle. They feel age is still on their sides, so no rush.

 From 18 to 25, some of our youth just want to flex and live the fast life with thoughts that there is still enough time ahead to pursue dreams. Time waits for no one, it’s no one’s friend, so make hail while the sun shines and live your life rightly like tomorrow is your last. Do everything needed to be done, chase your dreams, and never procrastinate, you might never get another chance.

2.   When you are gone, strive to be remembered for something positive: there is a popular saying that a good name is better riches. Life is a journey we all pass through and the journey shall come to an end someday.

It's essential as young adults to live a life worthy of emulation, a life that impacts the life of your loved ones and the country.

When you are gone, you will always be remembered for the impacts you have made and generations to come will get to learn from your legacy.

You don’t have to be popular to achieve this, it just might be within your neighborhood, workplace, family, friends. Be good and be remembered for something positive.

Tolupe has gone to meet her creator, but her good works on earth would always be there to remember. Her name would never be forgotten among friends, family, neighbors, and even in the country. This is worthy of emulation.


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