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Wedding planning scene

Bridal and groom styles for you and hubby

Marriage is the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman to the exclusion of others.

As we all know it's a one-time done celebration that lasts for a life unless one of the parties dies or the marriage is broken down irretrievably and there's no other way than for the court to divorce them before any of the parties can get married again.

Wedding is a celebration of marriage that ends after the celebration as marriage continues.

Just as the soon to be couples and relatives with those in the planning committee are planning for the wedding,all what they have in mind is to give the best wedding ceremony. The bride and groom with their men on suit and the bridal train goes for sweet styles just for their wedding to be the best.

The celebration is what everyone is after and not what really happens in the marriage as soon as the wedding is done and the couples are wished well, gifts presented,food eaten,etc everybody goes home.

But never the less,every couple prays that their marriage will last and be full of understanding and less quarrel. I wish all couples and Future couples Happy and peaceful marriage.

Below are sweet couple designs and some for the groom right men and for the bridal train too.

There's always joy and calmness of mind when you get well dressed on your wedding day knowing fully well that the pictures lasts for a long time.

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