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The Legal Age To Get Married In Nigeria According To The Country's Marriage Law

There is time for everything, including marriage. For a boy or girl to declare himself or herself fit and ready for marriage, he or she must have attained the stipulated marriageable age according to the marriage law or act. This marriage act so spoken of sees to the regulation of celebration of marriage in addition to punishing offenders who violated these laws.

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In Nigeria, adulthood begins at the age of 18. In some countries, it can start from 13 years of age. But attaining this age does not qualify you to get married without consent. According to Resolution Law Firm, and as it is stated in the Nigerian marriage law, the legal age to get married in Nigeria is 21.

The law stipulates that the marriageable age of any Nigerian, whether male or female is 21. It also provides a way to make people who are less than 21 years of age to get married if they want.

It states that if either of the two parties planning to or getting married is younger than the marriageable age, which is 21 years, such party must get consent from his or her mother, father or guardian as the case may be.

Generally, it is not compulsory that one must consult his or her parents or guardians, or seek for their consents before he or she can get married. That is to say that you don't compulsorily need your parents' consent or your guardian's consent to get married as long as you are up to twenty-one years of age. But if you are younger than the stipulated legal marriageable age, you will need to get your parents' consents or those of your guardians.

According to the 1990 Marriage Act, these consents must be written by the parents or guardians of such party.

More so, it is important that if a person gets married under the age of 18, such marriage is regarded as child marriage.

What age do you think is more comfortable for a boy/man and a girl/woman to get married in Nigeria?

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