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How women over the age of 50 can have better intercourse life

Once a woman clocks 50, she would have undergone menopause, hence are exposure to different barriers of a better intercourse life. However, they are on things that can be done to ensure for a better intercourse life.

Ways women over that are over 50 years can have a better intercourse include:

1. Lubrication. According to Healthline, after a woman have reached menopause, the female hormone naturally declines, which can cause dryness.

Pain and discomfort as a result of dryness is the major complain from women after menopause. If left untreated, dryness can lead to female organ atrophy and even fusing of the female organ walls. Ensuring the female organ stays moisturized and the use of lubricant is crucial.

2. Take time and relax. According to Cleveland Clinic, to tackle the pain of female organ dryness, allow plenty of time for stimulation. And experiment with different positions with your partner. You can also have a warm bath before intercourse to relax your muscles and prepare for intimacy.

Also, the stress of life can often affect your your intercourse life, it is important you create time to rest.

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