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After I Finished Freshing Up, This is What I Meet In My Room, Today, (17/07/2020)

This is a very a Strange thing I saw in my room after taking my birth this morning.

My name is Regina Nwajiuba, I am 35 year old, which am still living with my parents, because of the problem am facing.

Am living a very miserable life, whatever I laid my hands upon will always failed, I accepted this miserable life and living, because I don't have any other options and also any body to encourage me, even my parent have even lost hope in me, because they have try all they can do to help me get out of this problem, they visit alot of places, by going to church, visit mosque etc. But they couldn't find anything.

But one Friday night, as I slept off, I has a terrible dream, which I was shocked when I woke up.

In my dream I saw some woman in black cloth, very tall, I was very sacred, I move closer to them, and I saw my very self with them, they tie me with rope and they were bitting me, I could not do anything, because I don't have the power.

But as I turn back I saw a man in white, which told me that he his ready to help me, he asked me to go into prayer and fasting, so I can overcome my problem.

I woked up, and I do as the man told me, after I complete my prayer and fasting on Thursday morning, I went to freshing up, as I finished fresh up I enter my room an meet a dead pig, which I lying on my bed, I shouted, as I shouted my mother also do so and she gave up the ghost.

My people can I say my mother is the cause of my problem or what.

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Regina Nwajiuba


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