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Husband and wife relationship

5 Wisdom Tips for Family Peace

What wisdom will do with ease in one day, energy and strength may not achieve it in a week. Applying wisdom in your relationship will make you achieve great things with less effort. It will make your relationship appear as one of the best. You will have rest of mind, you will have enough money to care for your family and give to others.

Wisdom will make you know that you should never compare your marriage with others. It will make you know that you are unique in your ways. It will make you know how to set your priority right in life. You will know how to go for what you need and not what you want.

The roles of wisdom in marriage and relationships can not be overemphasis, it is a must if your marriage must last without stress and if you desire to rest and have peace of mind.

Below are some wisdom tips for family peace.

1. Set boundaries between your wife and your family. When you get married, you should let your siblings and your parents know what they should not do to your wife. Let them know that your wife will always respect them but nobody should force her into doing what she will not like to do. Let them know that if she does something they didn't like, they should let you know and you will handle it better. They shouldn't confront your wife to instruct, correct or fight her.

This way, they will give your wife her due respect. Your wife will love you, you will have peace and everyone will be moving fine.

2. Buy a car lower than your level. When you have money and you want to buy a car, do not buy a car at your level of income. But a car that is below your level. This way, you will not draw too much attention from your family. But if you buy a car higher than you, you may soon be under pressure because your family will say "our son or brother is rich" and they will want you to give them money. Their pressure may affect your peace of mind. If you try to explain why you can't give them, they may turn to say your wife is the reason why you are not helping them.

3. Live in a house you can afford. There are two bedrooms flats of N2 million and there are two-bedroom N200,000. So go for your size. It will be good that you start living in a lower house and then move to a higher one when your income has increased than to start big and then come to lower ones. Apply wisdom, don't waste your resources.

4. Put your kids in schools you can afford. It will be unwise for you to put your kids in a school you can't afford their fees just because every other child in your area is attending the school. Most of the people you see at the top today attended public schools. So a child that will be great, will be great. Put them in school you can afford and make sure they study when they are back before playing. When you put them in schools you can afford, they will never be sent out of school because of no payment of their fees, they will continue learning and keep growing in knowledge which is one of the most important reasons for going to school. You will never be under pressure to pay up their bills

5. Let your wife know your income. Finally, tell your wife how much you earn monthly, it will help you prevent unnecessary pressure from her. When your wife knows how much you earn, she will join you to plan along. She will not make a demand that will be more than what you can afford. You will be able to achieve more good things together with peace of mind.

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