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Opinion: See The Top 4 Things That Men Find Attractive In A Women

The male species is an incredibly diverse and complicated one. Each and every man will have their own personal preferences when it comes to choosing their mate. Not all men wish to enter into a relationship, as some may want to go straight into marriage.

What a man need in a woman vary and that variation tends to confuse women as to how they can win men over. A lot of times, fickle men can add to the confusion. A man can be acting like he likes a lady, when he don't really like her.

As a lady, you don’t necessarily have to bend over backwards to change yourself to get the guy that you want. It’s not worth the struggle. You can find love that is natural and organic to you.

Surely every man have there specific preferences when it comes loving a woman, but there are some traits in some ladies that most men cannot help but love.

Here are the top four things that men find attractive in a woman;

1). Men Love Women Who Understand the Value of Respect

Most men interpret love as respect, and vice versa. Every man want to be respected by the woman he loves.

To the women, you can't claim to love your man and you are finding it hard respect him. Respect most times is what differentiate ladies in the sight of men.

When you treat your man with love and respect, he will most definitely find his way back to you whenever there's a problem.

2). Men Want Women Who Are Independent

Gone are the days when women are kept in the home to bear children and clean up the house. Now most men like women who can stand on their own two feet and aren’t afraid of fighting for what they want.

To win over a man, you need to show him that you are capable of standing on your ground all by yourself.

3). Men Scrutinize For Intelligent Women

Intelligence is beauty in the eyes of all. Every one loves to move around with intelligent people. Intellect is a scarce resources these days and so when a man chances upon a woman who can challenge him intellectually, he’s instantly attracted to her.

As a lady you should know at least a bit of everything, even though a little bit, but at least have an idea. It will definitely help in conservation.

4). Men Need Honest Women

A man will will always find you attractive when you mostly say your mind. Men aren’t as empathetic as women and so they don’t tend to be very good at reading emotions. That’s why men need to find ladies who can express their opinions and their feelings.

The bedrock of every good and strong relationship is trust, and honesty is the only way you don’t betray that established trust.

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