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How to know when you're ready for marriage?

Hi guys! As you know, no man is an island of knowledge. That's why I have here with me Mrs. Monalisa James to talk to us on something quite important. We actually worked together to make this article a reality. Read on in enjoyment!

To sustain the relationship and have a stable marriage, some essential and required skills must be learned.

5 Ways to Determine Whether You're Marriage Material

#1) You have the ability to be completely transparent.

It's never easy to be transparent. I recall meeting my husband for the first time. Before we considered making love, I had to tell him some very personal news. I was on the verge of passing out. I had been duped five years ago and had been infected with the HPV skin virus. I was mortified at the prospect of telling him, but I knew I had no choice. He was very helpful and comforting to me. That was the first time I realized he had the potential to be "the one." I'm no longer infected with HPV.

Any things to think about when it comes to transparency:

Are you ready to be someone's windowpane of glass?

Can you have a safe haven for anyone to express themselves?

Is it necessary for others to be cautious around you?

When true confidence is established, you both know deep down that you can freely and comfortably communicate everything, good or bad, to each other. This unique bond is worth taking a step towards marriage once you understand this about your relationship. Until then, I suggest that you practice and develop the muscle necessary to be completely transparent. It's the difference between a two-year marriage and one that lasts 50 years. It establishes an unbreakable and solid level of trust between you.

#2) You have the ability to learn and develop alongside others.

Many people believe they have arrived until they enter into a partnership or marriage. I apologize for bursting any bubbles. From personal experience, I've discovered that this is where the real learning, developing, and expanding takes place. It's true that most people go through a transition from being single to being in a romantic relationship. I strongly advise you to take classes together, particularly if you're worried about your relationship being dull, repetitive, and predictable. Continue to grow as a couple and as a partner. I also think it's a good idea to have person and couple targets.

My husband and I enjoy taking Landmark Worldwide vacation courses, and we are looking forward to taking a Tantra class in the near future. What is the reason for this? What's to stop you? It's a fun adventure, and we only have one life.

#3) You must be able to discuss the unpleasant topics.

When we first met, discussing topics like sex, money, things that don't work, and my history was extremely awkward. No matter how gentle I thought his responses would be, I found them frightening at times. They simply were.

Here are some thought-provoking questions for you to consider:

Can you speak about money honestly and frankly without fear of being judged?

Are you ready to talk about your sexual desires and needs?

Are you able to speak about your problems in a safe manner?

My husband mentioned “living wills” one day. What's up with that? He felt compelled to speak about it. He wanted to know that if one of us died, we'd be covered contractually. That was the first time I'd ever had that conversation with a boyfriend. I sat at the table, tears streaming down my face, as we discussed the possibility of one of us dying and losing the other.

Despite the fact that I despised having this conversation two years into our relationship, the clarity and peace it brought to our minds was incredible. Be confident in your ability to discuss any topic with your partner, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Being able to frame conversations, approach a topic, ask questions, and listen to the answers is one of the best ways to improve your skills and be marriage ready.

#4) You must be of legal age.

Many times when I was engaged, twice in my early 30s, I'd stomp out the door and run because I was angry. I'd get so angry that I'd want to hit a wall. When I thought about it, I knew that if I didn't get my way, I was being a big kid. And when something bothered me, I had to learn to carry on a conversation.

If I felt myself correcting my partner on something, I realized it was time to bring it up to avoid things getting out of hand. As I have learned in the past, when things build up so fast, they can explode. Being an adult in a relationship does not necessitate perfection. It's all about being able to engage in a two-way dialogue. It also necessitates talking on the phone or in person rather than trying to communicate through text message or email. Just a thought.

#5) You must be brave.

Getting married was one of the scariest and most enjoyable things I've ever done. Maybe that's why it took three engagements and me being 44 years old to finally say "I do." I came close, but I never went for it. Now that I think about it, I'm glad I waited.

It takes a lot of courage to go out with someone, fall in love, and then decide to marry for the rest of your life. Taking this chance and going for it takes guts. It takes a lot of bravery to go all-in and give it your all. What if we all poured our hearts and souls into our marriages? Is it possible that there will be fewer divorces?

There are a slew of other requirements to be marriage-worthy. These are the five I think you should think about first as you embark on your once-in-a-lifetime adventure... I love you guys! Don't forget to like, comment and follow me for more engaging contents. Thank you🙌

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