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Opinion: 5 Things That Can Make A Girl Always Remember You

Many times women are the ones who fill us with details and attention, this is why she always remembers and has in mind a man who gives her the best.

They usually keep in their memory things that they adore about a man and although sometimes they do not say it at the time, they will always remember it with affection in their heart.

What defines an unforgettable man is not his physique, but the actions and attitudes that he brings to his love.

They are the little things that make a man attractive, unique and unforgettable. And if your partner has noticed this, you have become a special man in his life.

These details do not necessarily have to be visible or large, there are some small gestures that make you authentic in front of a woman.

The actions that a woman always remembers of an unforgettable man.

1. Jokes.

There are certain jokes that make your partner fall in love, but what women like the most are unexpected jokes.

As they take the initiative, you are excited that your partner feels safe enough to do so.

Being a surprise and surely passionate joke, it brings back memories of pleasant moments that have passed.


Women feel lucky if they have found an attractive and intelligent man, but more if they have a man with a good sense of humor.

Do not be afraid to make a fool of yourself when you are together and be the person who supports and understands you the most.


Just as men love details, women also like to be surprised.

It is a gesture that will make them happy and they will definitely remember in every moment.

But this is not about the gift, but about the meaning you put on it, the attention you give it and hitting its taste buds. 


Women do not like a person to want to change them.

That is why when they find the ideal man, it is because he showed her unconditional support and accepted her with her defects and virtues.

Also, be his number one fan in good times and his tear cloth in bad times.


Women like men who are open to new experiences, those who give their love unconditionally and are very passionate.

Well, they consider that in matters of love there should be no limits, everything should be without measure.

A woman remembers you when you do things right.

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