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5 Things Ladies Look Out for in Men

If you've been wondering about how ladies pick the guys that they go out with, the selection process, and the criteria they use, then this one is for you. It should be understood, that before anyone would make a decision, there must be a reason for that decision, so also before a lady will agree to be with a guy, she must have seen some things in him that triggered that decision.

Love is not just a myth, people are usually intentional about their engagement in a loving relationship, and this includes ladies. Part of their intentionality is being observant and choosy, about the guys they go out with.

In this article, I will be showing you five things that ladies look out for in men.

1. Attractiveness

This is the first thing that will get their attention, even before you speak to them or do any other thing, it's your attractiveness that would create that first impression. And this attractiveness is not only limited to how handsome you are, it cuts across your fashion sense, how you carry yourself, hygiene, etc.

So, if you want to appear as being attractive to ladies, there are lots of things you'll need to pay attention to, which should include, how you dress, your fitness, how you carry yourself, and hygiene.

2. Communication skill

No matter how attractive you are, if you can't complete a sentence or manage a conversation, no lady would want to move to you. How will you be able to ask her out if you can't communicate? How will you convince her? When you eventually see her friends, what impression would you have on them, if you can't communicate properly?

These are the things you need to work on.

3. Empathy

This is about your emotional intelligence, how well can you respond emotionally to situations, are you able to put yourself in other people's shoes before you react? These are the questions that ladies would ask themself about you. If you know that you're down on the empathy spectrum, you need to put in the effort and walk your way up.

4. Social skills

This is about your relationship with other people, ladies also look out for how well you relate with others. They use this to assure themselves that they'd be able to cope with their friends and family, without any form of conflict.

5. Financial ability

Do you have enough money to sustain the relationship? Are you financially able to handle another person? These are the questions they would want to find answers to. Ladies generally look out for a man's financial ability, before they give in to his proposal, it's in fact one of the most important criteria that they have.

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