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Fiction: I Saw My Boyfriend Cheating And He Pretended As If I Did Not Exist


After looking at myself in the mirror for the tenth time and being convinced that I was looking stunning, I picked my phone and logged into WhatsApp and fortunately, my boo was online. I dropped him a message telling him I was coming over.

My boo saw the message but didn't reply.

Maybe he is planning a surprise for me, I thought and grinned wryly.

I left my house and took a tricycle to boo's house. When I got there, his friend was standing outside and his door was open. I greeted his friend and asked if my boo is around.

His friend replied with a nod and a little laugh and lead the way inside the self contain.

Boo was laid on his bed holding his phone and a dark skinned girl was sitting beside him on his bed.

I greeted them with smiles.

My boo threw his face away, same with the girl.

From the look in my boo's face, he didn't want me there.

If he didn't want me at that moment, why didn't he reply my message and tell me to come later, I thought.

I turned to see his friend rolling on the ground with laughter.

I was embarrassed and hurt.

Without a word, I turned around and dogtrot out of the room.

His friend came out and told me to go back inside. 

I wish I didn't but I did. I went back inside and grabbed a seat. Boo treated me like I wasn't there.

He kept scrolling his phone and showing the girl funny things in the phone making her laugh.

Unable to spend another minute there, I said bye and got up to go.

"You don't have to go," the girl stopped me.

"I need to see my mum," I lied.

The girl was about speaking, I saw my boo hit her with his toe and signalled her to let me go.

I sighed and walked out of the room almost in tears.

I went back home heartbroken, my tears soiled my make up.

I wiped off the make up, threw myself on my bed and slept off crying.

I woke up to a text from boo and it read "Even if we are dating, you don't come to my house, see a girl and walk out like that".

I still don't know which is more painful, the realization that I was dating myself for a whole year or The money I spent in making him a portrait that he didn't collect and the money I spent on my dress, hair and accessories just to look good for him or his choosing another girl over me? 

I don't know which aspect to start crying about but I still love him.

My mistake was assuming that we are dating simply because I feel good and comfortable around him. He never asked me out neither did he tell me he love me.

I had the worst Val ever.

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