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3 Things You Shouldn't Do For The Sake Of Love As A Lady

Nowadays, most women do a lot of strange things all in the name of love. As a woman do you know that love is beneficial and at the same time harmful? When you approach it in the wrong sense. When people fall in love they began to lose focus and begin to do things that they would never do on a regular.

There are some certain sacrifices women do for the sake of love hoping it will lead to marriage. It's extremely painful and annoying if the relationship ends after making does sacrifices and does not lead to marriage.

In this article, we will be revealing to you some certain things you should not do for the sake of love.

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1) Intimacy before marriage

You should not have intimacy with a man you are not married to because you love the man. Having intimacy with a man you are not married to is fornication and it's a sin before God. If your partner truly loves you, he should take you to the alter to seek your hand in marriage before you can allow him to have intimacy with you.

2) Give up your goals

A relationship is not just having an affair with someone. It is also a partnership. You should never give up your goals of becoming a particular somebody in life all in the name of love. Most women are forced to early marriage or stopped attending high school due to pregnancy which made most of them never become what they desired to be in life. So do not give up your goal in life in the name of love.

3) Abortion

Most women have murdered their babies or unborn child through series of abortions, thereby putting their lives in danger because of the love they have for their partners. All because their partner is not ready to become a father. As a woman, you should not make the mistake of putting your life in danger because of the love you have for a man.

Dear ladies, it is highly advisable not to do any of these 3 things stated above in the name of love.

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