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2 Areas You And Your Spouse Should Agree On Before You Start Having Children

According to the Bible in the book of James 3:3, two cannot walk together unless they agree. Every aspect of marriage requires mutual agreement by both parties, in order for the husband and the wife to work towards same direction and one common good. One of the reasons why some couples have less misunderstandings and others have ceaseless ones is because of the level of agreement that exist between them. It is not different in the area of parenting. Couples who have a common goal when it comes to playing their parental roles in the lives of their children are likely to raise the best children more than those whose goals differ in direction and degree.

As far parenting is concerned in marriage, for couples to birth and produce the kind of children that they will be so proud of to call their own, their arrival has to be prepared for, because the success of almost everything in life is hinged on planning. To avoid regrets, do not be in a hurry to start having kids in your marriage until you have reached a unanimous decision with your partner in the following areas:

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1. The method of upbringing and discipline. The reason why the family which is making up of the mother and father is positioned as the first agent of socialization is to prepare the path for other agents of socialization. In other words, the family is the main foundation of what a child will be or will not be in the future. One area where some married people have issue in their marriages is the area of their children's upbringing and discipline. In a situation where there was no already existing agreement between the married couples before conception, one of the parties may object to the method of upbringing and discipline chosen by the husband or wife after childbirth, which will obviously bring about division between the couples. For instance, a die - hard disciplinarian may have issue with the partner if he/she is the type that would not want to go extra length to correct and guide the children when they are going astray.

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2. The number of children. Deciding on the number of children to have in your marriage will act as a guide that will give you the right signal to know when to start and stop having children in your union. Without such agreement, you may have more than the number of children you can be able to provide for and give the best life that you may not have been opportune to get from your parents. In this area, the gender of the kids is not important, because none of the genders is more important than the other. What will determine what a child would be is the amount of time, information, money and other resources you invest on the child from the stage of childhood to adulthood. By all means, stick to the number of children you agreed on before birthing, irrespective of the gender the children turn out to be.

Until you have reached an uncompromising agreement in the aforementioned areas, you should wait a little longer before you start giving birth to children, because the destiny of your unborn children is tied to it.

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