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As A Single Guy, If You Don't Have These 5 Things on Ground, Please Don't Think of Getting Married

Marriage is not for the boys as they always say. It is for those who are ready for business of commitment and dedication. The fact that you have attained a marriageable age does not mean you are riped for marriage. You need to be sure of yourself and certain things before you take a leap towards the big project.

Basically, there are things an eligible bachelor must have before thinking of settling down for marriage and these include:

1. Before you go into marriage, you must have a stable mind. This is called emotional and psychological maturity. It is the ability of a man to deal with pressure, marital heat and frustration that may arise from unexpected circumstances. 

No matter how financially buoyant you are as a man, you cannot rule out this development in marriage. Train yourself to be stabled in mind before you make a move.

2. Before you think of getting married, you must have a stable income. No matter how much a lady loves you, there is a limit she can go with you without means of income.

Even if she is financially doing well, she will get to her elastic limit someday and won't be able to stretch herself beyond that point. Once that happens, frustration will set in and you will lose your respect as a man.

3. Every eligible bachelor must have a comfortable apartment to which he would marry a wife. You don't necessarily have to make your apartment a luxurious one before you can get ready for marriage. But at least, you need a befitting residence.

In most cases, 2-bedroom apartment is considered appropriate for young couple. This is because if they have a guest who intend to pass the night, the remaining one room will serve that purpose. Secondly, if they have a baby and any of their mothers comes around, she will not have to be sleeping on couch in the sitting room.

However, it does not mean they should break the bank to achieve this. They only need to operate within their limited budget.

4. Before you take the step as a man, you must be ready for the unexpected. Marriage is full of ups and downs. There are moments of laughter and crying. There are times things will go smoothly at home and times when it will look as if everything is turning upside down.

The fact that you have a good job at the moment and doing fine financially does not guarantee that everything is perfect. You have to be ready for the unexpected that may happen along the way.

5. And the final thing you need to have is the spirit of commitment. Marriage is all about commitment. If you don't have it, you may not stay long in marriage. It is not something you will start now and get tired of doing after one or ten years. It is forever and that is why it said: "till death do us part".

And lastly, you must be prayerful. To achieve a glorious home, you need God.

If you are not ready for all these things, please remain single and don't waste your time and that of the innocent lady.

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