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5 Lovely Things You Can Tell Your Girlfriend That May Make Her Change Her Mind From Leaving You

One of the most painful things a man can ever experience in life is to wake up to the reality that, the lady whom he has built his world around; given him time, money, energy and all just to make their relationship work is making plans to leave him. No man wishes to see a lady he loves so much leave him for another man, when all he has ever wanted is to have her beside him, get married to her in the future and live happily ever after until death do them part.

Sadly, even though sometimes a lady may want to leave her boyfriend for the sole purpose of him disregarding, neglecting, and treating her below her worth, there are times that some ladies would suddenly lose interest in a man and a relationship for other reasons best known to them.

As a man, if your girlfriend is about jilting you, not because it is your fault or you have not been living up to your expectations in your relationship, considering the fact that women are moved by words, you can try your best to tell her some lovely things in the process. If you are fortunate enough, she may change her mind from leaving you.

Among other things, tell her the following:

1. The sight of flowers make me remember you because you share same scent with roses.If I were your mom,I would have named you ROSE. Don't leave me, because your absence will make me worthless whenever I come across flowers.

2. I knew love because I met you; I felt amazed because you are amazing, and I knew smile because your presence make me smile. Don't go, otherwise, my smile will be replaced with sadness.

3. Just like a candle, you brought light into my life. If you leave, the light will go with you and my life will will be filled with darkness. Please, stay!

4. Like a web, I have been trapped in your life. It's never easy pulling away from you because you are my better half; I will be so incomplete for the rest of my life if you walk out of my life.

5. Remember all the promises you and I made to each other; how you gave me your word that you will never leave me. What has changed now? Please, give it a second thought and stay with me.

Luck may be on your side and she can decide to be with you again when you say the aforementioned things to her. Give it a try!

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