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7 ways to know if a girl loves you.

Most times, ladies find it hard to confess their love to a guy that they love. The major reason is arguably because it is not of african culture that the female should do the proposing of love.

But to me, it is not a crime nor a big deal if a lady walks up to a guy amd confess her feelings for him. It is indeed very ideal. 

In cases where the girl doesnt confess her feelings, below are some behaviors that could help the male to understand and decipher that she has feelings foe him.

1. When a girl loves you, she will be addicted to her phone, waiting for your call or text.

2. When a girl love you, she will constantly change her profile picture on socail media platforms to get your attention.

3. When a girl loves you, she will go from been pratical to insane all because of love.

4. When a girl loves you, you will find her blushing whenever someone talks about you and she will find even more topics to talk about you.

5. When a girl loves you, she forgets each and everything sometimes when she is with you, even her self-respect.

6. When a girl loves you, she will wait for you to come online on social media platforms so you two can chat.

7. Finally, when a girl loves you, she will never let you go no matter how hard the situation is.

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