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Guys, Do not ask a lady these 10 questions while chatting.

Communication is a means of exchanging ideas. Most times during communication between a lady and a gentleman on social media platforms, there seems to be this mistakes the male folks always encounter. Most guys always embark on question and answer section with the mindset that that are showing how much they care, some do it to know so much about the lady and they forget that you can't know everything about someone in even 10 years not to talk of a day. Here I have outlined some questions that a lot of girls have actually complained about. Guys read this and take correction.

1) How are you? ,how far And How are you doing; In the context of a chat, these three means the same thing, so avoid asking two of those questions at a go.

2) where do you reside or live or where are you chatting from; Due to the recent happening on the cyberspace, most people find this question annoying especially during the first chat, so the best thing is to talk about your location first before asking her.

3)Have you eating; this is one of the funniest question. How can you ask someone many miles away if she has eaten as though you have the intention of providing one for her. Please avoid this.

4)what is your name? But her name is displayed on her profile, even if her name is unbelievable, just regard it as her name.

5) Do you have a boy friend or Are you in a relationship? Why not check her profile for such detail.

6) what are you wearing(to bed)? The answer is always clothe except if you are looking for something unnecessary. Please for goodness sake, don't ask any lady about this again.

7)Are you a virgin or have you had sex before? Any reasonable girl will hiss and block you for such useless question, guys let's take it easy. Avoid this question.

8) Asking for her hand in marriage or even professing love to a lady on the first day of discussion; my brother that love is fake and no lady will respond to that, take it easy.

9)Asking for her pictures or nudes; as for her pictures, visit the folder with the name-mobile upload as for nude, that will attract a straight block or she might snub you.

10) Can I have your phone/whatsapp number; This should not come up at the earliest stage, you have to make the lady to trust you first before requesting for her phone number.

Finally guys don't be in a habit of pestering a lady. You mustn't chat with her everyday. Most times allow her to chat you up, If you chat with her and she is always in the habit of responding with a word, please let her be. She is either busy or not interested in your chat. And please always make your chats in a discussion format and not question and answer.

Hope this was helpful to you?

Please drop your comments.

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