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Opinion: One Costly Health Related Mistake You Should Avoid Before Entering A Serious Relationship

It's quite sad that some relationships do end in tears with shattered dreams and hopes of starting a family. If you want to have a blissful relationship that could lead to an enjoyable marriage, there are some mistakes you should avoid to be on the safer side before it gets too late. If you want to enjoy a happy relationship, you should take note of this one costly mistake.

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There was this young man named Benjamin who was forced to break up with his girlfriend Anna after dating her for over six years. It was tragic for Benjamin and his girlfriend as their marriage was disapproved by everyone, including their doctor.

Benjamin met Anna in 2014 and decided to marry her in February 2021. When Benjamin told his family members that he wants to marry Anna, they asked him several questions about her including her blood genotype.

It turned out that Benjamin had no idea of Anna's blood genotype. When they checked her blood genotype, they discovered that Anna and Benjamin have the same blood genotype which was AS. If someone with AS gets married to another with AS, it could come with bad consequences because they can give birth to a child with SS. Unfortunately, Benjamin and Anna had to end the relationship in tears to avoid putting any of their future kid in a life of misery and pain.

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Almost 7 years of Benjamin's relationship were wasted because he forgot to ask his girlfriend about her blood genotype when the relationship was still young and unserious.

A doctor wouldn't advise someone whose blood genotype is AS to marry another with AS because they can give birth to an offspring with SS.

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Based on blood genotype, this is how we should choose our partners.

Parents      Children

AS + AA= AA and AS (good)

AA + AA= AA all through (perfect)

AS + AS = AA, AS, and SS (bad)

SS + AA= AS all through (not bad)

SS + AS= AS and SS (bad)

AA + AC= AA and AC (good)

SS + SS= SS all through (bad)

AC + AC= AA, AC and SS (bad)

AC+ SS= AS, and SC (bad)

AS + AC= AA, AC and SC (bad)

AA+ SC= AS, and AC (good)

SS + SC= SS and SC (Bad)

People with SS have a shorter life expectancy, and they depend more on medications to stay strong and live longer. They're physically weaker and they are at more risk of suffering from several health conditions and complications.

Just like the story of Benjamin, you could also land into a situation where you have to choose between the love of your life or the future of your unborn children if you fail to know your partner's blood genotype before entering a serious relationship.

Getting into a relationship with someone who has a compatible genotype Is one of the keys to a healthy and enjoyable marriage.

Not knowing your partner's genotype before entering a serious relationship is a costly mistake that could lead to tragic consequences.

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