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Dear Men, Here Are 4 Things Most Women Look For In You Before Accepting Your Proposal

Today we shall be discussing qualities men should possess if you want Women to fall for you. Let me set this straight, women don't like good guys, they like the bad ones. Though most ladies won't agree but it's the truth. They don't like a man who is too gentle. They want someone who is social and outspoken.

1. If you want women to develop interest in you, have the right fashion sense. It's not compulsory you wear designers everytime but know how to dress plain and smell nice. Look for a nice pair of jean, well ironed shirt and a nice pair of shoe. That's basically what women wants, someone who dresses well so that they can be proud to introduce you to their friends.

2. Be a man who knows his tenses and can speak pretty good English. Most ladies want someone who can speak proper English and not someone who makes blunders. However, what I've seen wise ladies do is to take their man how to speak proper English if they really love him.

3. Are you a funny man? Ladies want someone who Will always make them laugh. They tend to fall easily for funny guys. This is why most ladies don't give introverts attention the way they give extroverts.

4. How rich are you? This last point validates all other points. If you have money, you have already secured the heart of most beautiful women. If you have money, many ladies will fall for you; this is inevitable! Have you seen the way ladies behave around yahoo guys? Even ladies with boyfriends.

Despite all these, try and be who you are. Don't force yourself to be who you are not. Always remember that someone will love you the way you are.

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