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Husband and wife relationship

See how my wife kept my two month old baby, please what should i do?

This Monday morning was really a bad morning to me because of what I use my eyes to see from my wife.

I am a mechanic and I was just newly wedded with my wife not up to a year that we got married, and we have been doing fine, my wife just gave birth to a baby boy in the past 2-months, though she does prepare food for sell in her restaurant, it's a little far away from my house, just like 2-kilometer away from my house.

This Monday morning I dressed up for work as early as 6:00 am although that is my usual Time, so dressed and took my leave to my workshop because my customers do come early to seek for my services, so I got to my place of work while attempting to open the door, I remembered that I forgot my keys at home, so I rushed back home to pick up the keys before my customers arrive. while getting home, I saw something from afar that got me surprised, I came closer just to see my wife handling my 2-month old son this way.

Please have a look at the picture here

This got me surprise, and I kept on wondering how could my wife do this to my 1st child, does it means she doesn't love the baby so she is trying to kill the baby or what?

I walked in immediately she saw me she kept what she was doing and picked the baby and quickly untie him from the pillow, so I angrily shouted at her, all she could say was that there is nothing bad for her keeping my two months old baby this way.

This got me really angry and I decided not to take any step on what she did yet, then I resume back to my workshop because there are people waiting for me outside.

Because of how worried I am, I decided to share my problem here on this platform for you people to assist me with your advice. Is she right or wrong, by keeping my two months old baby this way? Please I need your answers because I am thinking of divorcing her soon.

Please assist me by dropping your answers in the comments box as we relate together.

Please don't forget to like, comment, and share so that others could help me with their opinions.

Thank you.

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