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My Boyfriend Hides Our Relationship From His Friends, Does He Love Me?

Dear StyleDiva , I am 26-year-old and I have been dating my present boyfriend for four months now. We spend a lot of time together, have sex regularly and equally have a very deep emotional connection right from the beginning.

But here is the thing. I had in the past dated his best friend, which was about a year ago before we met. We went our separate ways because the relationship didn’t work out as expected.

His best friend has a girlfriend now and I have no lingering feelings for him but I guess what happened in the past seems to be hunting me.

The problem is, my present boyfriend won’t tell any of his friends that we are involved and he didn’t tell his best friend either who happens to be my ex. He even lies if his friends ask him about us when we are together to my face. That really hurts. He casually introduces me as a friend. Whenever I confront him about it, he pretends to be busy just to avoid talking about it.

Why is he hiding our relationship? Is he being ashamed, embarrassed or has something up his sleeves? Is m ex and present guy both playing games with me? Am no longer feeling comfortable with the relationship. What should I do? Should I end it? Please I need your advice.

Worried Babe.

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