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3 Things She Does When She Is Mad At You

Unlike men most women are usually very visible in showing off their displeasures especially when they are mad or angry with you as their man, below are 3 things she does when she is mad at you:

1.) She yells at you: When your woman is mad at you best believe that she is going to yell at you, women always tend to raise their voices at their partners whenever they are mad or angry with them.

2.) She ignores you: When a woman is mad at you she is definitely going to ignore you for the time being, what you should do whenever she ignores you is to give her some little space and time to herself until she decides to come around.

3.) She keeps to herself: If your girl is mad or angry with you she is most likely going to lock herself up and keep to herself until the anger comes down, women often love to keep to themselves whenever they are angry so as a man once you notice she is keeping to herself she is most likely angry with you.

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