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She Said She Needs A Serious Relationship, But Look At What She Did When A Man Messaged Her

A man has shared his chat with a lady who posted about needing a serious man in her life for relationship and the whole thing looks so weird as you won’t even expect what later transpired between the man and the lady. The lady made a comment under a post in a match making group on Facebook, saying she needs a man for serious relationship, then a man who is obviously interested in being in a relationship with her took her number and messaged her on Whatsapp. Little did the man know that he won’t meet what he is expecting.

The man had only sent the lady “Hello” when the lady replied with “Not feeling well”. The lady didn’t even bother to greet him back or reply his greeting, but went straight to inform him that she is not feeling well and even went ahead to send him a picture of her in bed, where she was receiving drip. The man was dumbfounded and was confused on why someone will do that on their first chat. As if that was not enough, the lady continued her story.

She told the man that he should help her with little airtime, because, she needs to call her mom to get drugs for her. The man who was surprised asked what is really happening and told her that this is their first time of chatting and she is telling him all this, so fast. 

The lady still continued to beg him to help her, saying she is the only one at home and her mom traveled. Look at the full chat below.

There have been mixed reactions on this. Some people are saying this might just be a way to scam the man and the lady is not looking for any relationship, some other people think it is possible she is actually sick and needed help.


What is your opinion on this?

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